Feedback Scheduling Service in ORB Middleware for Networked Embedded Systems

FCS/nORB integrates a Feedback Control real-time Scheduling (FCS) service with the nORB small-footprint real-time Object Request Broker (ORB) middleware designed for networked embedded systems. Existing real-time ORB middleware standards such as RT-CORBA do not adequately address the challenges of

  • providing robust performance guarantees portably across different platforms, and
  • managing unpredictable workload.

The goal of FCS/nORB is providing a middleware platform that enables real-time applications to be truly portable in terms of real-time performance as well as functionality, without the need for hand tuning. The current FCS/nORB (v1.0) features analytically designed feedback control loops that provide real-time performance guarantees by automatically adjusting the rate of remote method invocations transparently to an application.


FCS/nORB is open-source software. You are welcome to download the current release of FCS/nORB 1.0:

To install FCS/nORB, you need to


For more information, please contact Prof. Xiaorui Wang. This project is a collaborated work with Prof. Chenyang Lu and Prof. Christopher Gill at Washington University in St. Louis.

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