Current and Former Ph.D. Students

  • Dr. Wenli Zheng, (Ph.D., 07/2016), Dissertation: Power Capping with Optimized Computing Performance in Data Centers
  • Dr. Zichen Xu, (Ph.D., 07/2016), Dissertation: Energy Modeling and Management for Data Services in Multi-Tier Mobile Cloud Architectures
  • Dr. Xing Fu, (Ph.D., 05/2016), Dissertation: Feedback-Directed Management of Performance and Power for Emerging Computer Systems.
  • Dr. Kai Ma, (Ph.D., 07/2013), Dissertation: Power-Constrained Performance Optimization in Chip Multiprocessors.
  • Dr. Yefu Wang, (Ph.D., 07/2011), Dissertation: Performance-Controlled Power Optimization for Virtualized Internet Datacenters.
  • Dr. Ming Chen, (Ph.D., 07/2010), Dissertation: Adaptive Performance and Power Management in Distributed Computing Systems.

MS Alumni Who Did Thesis in the PACS Lab

  • Zechu Chai, (M.S., 12/2016), Thesis: Embedded Design and Software Module Implementation in Multiple MPEG-2 Transport Streams Multiplexer.
  • Deepa Thiagarajan, (M.S., 12/2016), Thesis: Efficient Detection of Hang Bugs in Mobile Applications
  • Yunhao Bai, (M.S., 05/2016), Thesis: A Checkpointing Methodology for Android Smartphone
  • Penghui Zhang, (M.S., 05/2016), Thesis: Temperature Balancing among Servers with Workload Distribution
  • Yun Li, (M.S., 12/2015), Thesis: Source-Code Based Energy Anomaly Diagnosis Algorithm for Android Applications
  • Chang Ye, (M.S., 05/2015), Thesis: Automatic Battery Interface-based Energy Modeling for Wireless Interface on Smartphones.
  • Chenxi Song, (M.S., 12/2014), Thesis: User Activity Tracker using Android Sensors.
  • Nathaniel Morris, (M.S., 08/2014), Thesis: Towards the Implementation of an Energy Saving App State Migration Technique.
  • Li Li, (M.S., 05/2014), Thesis: Coordinating Liquid and Free Air Cooling with Workload Allocation for Data Center Power Minimization.
  • Kuangyu Zheng, (M.S., 12/2013), Thesis: Coordinating Data Center Network and Servers for Power Savings.
  • Wei Chen, (M.S., 05/2013), Thesis: Dynamic Workload Division in GPU-CPU Heterogeneous Systems.
  • Zhuo Shao, (M.S., 05/2013), Thesis: Employing UPS For Safe and Efficient Power Oversubscription in Data Centers.
  • Yanwei Zhang, (M.S., 07/2012), Thesis: Power Management for Cloud-Scale Data Centers.
  • Xue Li, (M.S., 07/2011), Thesis: Power Management for GPU-CPU Systems.
  • Xiaodong Wang, (M.S., 07/2009), Thesis: Minimum Transmission Power Configuration in Real-Time Wireless Sensor Networks.
  • Nitish Jha, (M.S., 08/2008), Thesis: Multi-Channel Real-Time Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Undergraduate Students

  • Johnathon Aurand
  • Timothy Deagle
  • Benedict Lee
  • Michael Goldstein
  • Kerry Memory
  • Garret Smith

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