Zichen Xu


Zichen Xu is a Ph.D Student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the The Ohio State University, Columbus.

Research Interest

  • Energy Efficient Data Processing
  • Energy Efficient Architecture
  • Power-performance Balanced System


1. Zichen Xu and Xiaorui Wang, "REEWA: Runtime Energy Estimation for Web Activities on Smartphones", the 8th International Green and Sustainable Computing Conference (IGSC 2017), Orlando, Florida, October 2017. (Special Track on Contemporary Issues in Sustainable Computing)
2. Zichen Xu, Christopher Stewart, Nan Deng, and Xiaorui Wang, "Blending On-Demand and Spot Instances to Lower Costs for In-Memory Storage", the 35th IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM 2016), San Francisco, California, April 2016. (Acceptance rate: 300/1644 = 18%)
3. Nan Deng, Zichen Xu, Christopher Stewart, and Xiaorui Wang, "Tell-Tale Tails: Decomposing Response Times for Live Internet Services", the 6th International Green and Sustainable Computing Conference (IGSC 2015), Las Vegas, Nevada, December 2015. (Acceptance rate: 18/67 = 27%)
4. Zichen Xu, Yi-cheng Tu, and Xiaorui Wang, "Online Energy Estimation of Relational Operations in Database Systems", IEEE Transactions on Computers, 64(11): 3223-3236, November 2015.
5. Zichen Xu, Nan Deng, Chris Stewart, and Xiaorui Wang, "CADRE: Carbon-Aware Data Replication for Geo-Diverse Services", the 12th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC 2015), Grenoble, France, July 2015.
6. Yi-cheng Tu, Xiaorui Wang, Bo Zeng, and Zichen Xu, "A System for Energy-Efficient Data Management", ACM SIGMOD Record, 43(1): 21-26, March 2014.
7. Zhang Xu, Haining Wang, Zichen Xu, and Xiaorui Wang, "Power Attack: An Increasing Threat to Data Centers", the 21st Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS 2014), San Diego, California, February 2014. (Acceptance rate: 55/295 = 18%)
8. Zichen Xu, Yi-cheng Tu, and Xiaorui Wang, "Dynamic Energy Estimation of Query Plans in Database Systems", the 33rd International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS 2013), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 2013. (Acceptance rate: 61/464 = 13%)
9. Zichen Xu, Xiaorui Wang, and Yi-cheng Tu, "Power-Aware Throughput Control for Database Management", the 10th International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC 2013), San Jose, California, June 2013. (Acceptance rate: 16/73 = 21%)
10. Zichen Xu, Yicheng Tu, and Xiaorui Wang, "PET: Reducing Database Energy Cost via Query Optimization", the 38th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB 2012), September 2012. (4-page demo)
11. Yi-cheng Tu, Xiaorui Wang, and Zichen Xu, "Power-Aware DBMS: Potential and Challenges", the 23rd Scientific and Statistical Database Management Conference (SSDBM 2011), Portland, Oregon, July 2011. (2-page poster)
12. Zichen Xu, Yicheng Tu, and Xiaorui Wang, "Exploring Power-Performance Tradeoffs in Database Systems", the 26th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE 2010), Long Beach, California, March 2010. (Acceptance rate: 69/523 = 13%)

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