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 +====== Publications (Since 2003)======
 +include '​pubfunctions.php';​
 +<​li><​span style="​background-color:​ #​FFFFc3">​Yellow:​ Journal papers.</​span>​ </li>
 +<​li><​span style="​background-color:​ #​FFFFFF">​White: ​ Full conference papers. </​span>​ </li>
 +<​li><​span style="​background-color:​ #​CCFFFF">​Blue: ​  Other selected publications,​ such as workshop papers, short papers, posters, dissertations,​ and tech reports</​span>​. </li>
 +**Note**: Underlined __names__ indicate students supervised by Dr. Xiaorui Wang when the work was done.
 +**Copyright notice**: The papers are listed here just to ensure timely dissemination of scholarly and technical work. Copyright and all other rights therein are retained by the copyright holders and the authors.

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